The Last Tycoon

  • Collected Quotes of The Month: March 2017

    Sorry about most of the quotes coming from Instagram. Next month I plan to have them all be text only. Best Of Remember that everyone’s individual experience is going to be different. From the day we are born we are building or reality, like a house. Some of our houses will be further along than others and some houses will based onthe materials we used to build it. When someone with a new idea comes along and asks you to take clicks away from the foundation of your house, you’re going to be hesitant because those are some of your first bricks. Those are the ideas that your parents, your friends and family have taught you. The older you get, the more unwilling you’ll be to make a major change to your house. That’s ok but you’re not just a house. You’re a house in a neighborhood, in a city,…

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  • The Last Tycoon: Season 1/ Episode 1 “The Last Tycoon” [Series Premiere] – Overview/ Review (with Spoilers)

    The Last Tycoon, while likable, doesn’t have that certain hook or spark to make it something you want to put on your watchlist for when, or if, the full first season is released. Community Rating: 55.24% (1)

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