Ryan Lennon Baker

  • Miss You Already – Overview/ Review (with Spoilers)

    Initial Thoughts The draw here was all Toni Collette for me. Since The United States of Tara, I have always found her in these odd, but interesting movies, and I expected no less from this. Though I must admit, her playing opposite Drew Barrymore did worry me a bit. If only because when I think of Drew Barrymore, I think of someone who isn’t really trying to do much besides pay her bills and have a little fun while doing it. That is opposed to someone like Toni Collette who I put with Helen Mirren and Emma Thompson, who I would say is just as much about putting on stirring, and dramatic performance, as she is about having fun with her craft. Which lead to me watching this, with fingers crossed, that my indifference toward Barrymore wouldn’t ruin the movie for me. Trigger Warning(s): Cancer Depiction Community Rating: 66.74% (4)

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