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Collected Quotes For The Month of February 2018

Collected Quotes for the Month: February 2018

In this post, you'll find the quotes collected and .gifs made, across various media, during the month of February 2018. Collected Quotes Best Of “I’m not recommending it, but that doesn’t mean it’s not valid.” — Newness “ spouses...

Collected Quotes for the Month: January 2018

Best Of "Everybody say they praying for me, but ain’t nobody willing to fight for me." — Black Lightning: Season 1/ Episode 2 “Lawanda: The Book of Hope” understand there are probably people around every corner who...
Grown-ish Series Premiere - Deon Cole

Grown-ish: Series Premiere – Recap/ Review (with Spoilers)

Grown-ish won’t fulfill A Different World fantasies but definitely fills a void, sometimes by doing too much. Network & Images From FreeForm Creator Kenya Barris and Larry Wilmore Director(s) Kevin Bray (Pilot), Stella Meghie (Episode 2) Writer(s) Jenifer Rice-genzuk Henry, Kenya Barris (Pilot),...