Emerald City

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    Emerald City: Season 1 – Overview/ Review (with Spoilers)

    Emerald City is one of those shows where you can see so much potential. However, it never focuses on the stronger aspects of the show. Characters/ actors with better stories and charisma are relegated to second-tier roles. Meanwhile, the top billing characters/ actors struggle under the weight of expectation and are crushed by it as the season comes to an end. Community Rating: 0.00% (0) - No Community Ratings Submitted.

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    Collected Quotes For The Month: January 2017

    Best Of Belief is half of all healing. — A Monster Calls What does it feel like to be lonely? It feels like being hungry: like being hungry when everyone around you is readying for a feast. It feels shameful and alarming, and over time these feelings radiate outwards, making the lonely person increasingly isolated, increasingly estranged. It hurts, in the way that feelings do, and it has physical consequences that take place invisibly, inside the closed compartments of the body. It advances, is what I’m trying to say, cold as ice and clear as glass, enclosing and engulfing. — “Chapter 2: Wall of Glass.” The Lonely City – Page 11 to 12 God is within me so then I am God. So when I speak to myself I am speaking with the lord. — Amari Sali […] he left spaces for me when he talked. If I saw him…

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