Bottoms (2023)

Amari Allah

Review By

Emma Seligman

Directed by

Emma Seligman & Rachel Sennott

August 25, 2023

Written By

Released (Theatrical)


Lesbian friends Josie and PJ are coming upon the end of high school as virgins, and they create an all ladies fight club, hoping to attract, and get to wrestle, hot girls.

What Is “Bottoms” Rated And Why?

“Bottoms” is Rated R due to cursing and subject matter of dialog, and violence, which includes men harming women, and a random penis, alongside smoking and drinking.

Noted  Characters and Cast

PJ (Rachel Sennott), Josie (Ayo Edebiri), Brittany (Kaia Gerber), Isabel (Havana Rose Liu), Mr. G (Marshawn Lynch) and Hazel (Ruby Cruz).

Review Summary

While Rachel Sennott wrote herself the best lines and moments, Ayo Edebiri and the supporting cast still get to shine and give us unexpected but entertaining violence.

Who Is this For?

If you like Rachel Sennott's brand of comedy and think "Booksmart" was a little too tame for your comedic taste, "Bottoms" is what you have been waiting for.

"Bodies, Bodies, Bodies" is Rachel Sennott's breakout film, has lesbian drama, and also murder and a sense of mystery.