The Blackening (2023)

Amari Allah

Review By

Alice Troughton

Directed by

Alex MacKeith

July 7, 2023

Written By

Released (Theatrical)


Liam, a tutor, is assigned to tutor the son of author J.M. Sinclair. However, his position evolves as he gets drawn into the household’s cold war, which has already had casualties.

Noted  Characters and Cast

Liam (Daryl McCormack), J.M. Sinclair (Richard E. Grant), Helene (Julie Delpy), Bertie (Stephen McMillan) and Ellis (Crispin Letts)

Review Topics

– How It Uses Beats To Give You Time To Ponder & Question – How It Evolves Into A Fascinating Mystery With       Immensely Complicated, Yet Sometimes Subtle, Relationships

"The Wife" focuses on Joan, the wife to a writer soon to be awarded a noble prize. But, while happy for her husband, people are starting to realize that Joan's husband might be the face of Joan's work.