The Hows Of Us

Amari Allah

Review By

Cathy Garcia-Molina

Directed by

Carmi G. Raymundo, Gillian Ebreo, Cathy Garcia-Molina, Juan Manuel F. Zubiri


Written By

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For 7 years, George and Primo were together, and even at one point lived together. They were high school sweethearts worthy of being put on a pedestal.


However, around year 7, George became tired of waiting for Primo to live up to his potential. But, 2 years later, he comes back a different man, hoping to make up for lost time.

Noted  Characters and Cast

"The Hows Of Us" features  George (Kathryn Bernardo), Primo (Daniel Padilla), Yohan (Darren Espanto), and more.

Review Summary

Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla have the chemistry reminiscent of Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks. How they depict young love hooks you and makes you hope they'll work it out.

Review Summary

Honestly, at times the film is cringey. It has the writing and performances of a below-average FreeForm show, including some characters who are a tad over the top.

Who Is this For?

If you are a sucker for a cute romance with leads who have undeniable chemistry, then "The Hows of Us" was made for you to watch and swoon.

"Love At First Sight" also has notable chemistry between leads, and pushes you to wonder if they may end up together in the end.