The Girl Allergic To Wi-Fi

Amari Allah

Review By

Jun Lana

Directed by

Jun Lana

August 21, 2019

Written By

Released (Netflix)


Norma, who becomes allergic to electromagnetic devices, finds her relationship threatened by this limitation, and her boyfriend's brother, Aries developing a crush on her.

Noted  Characters and Cast

Norma (Sue Ramirez), Aries (Jameson Blake), Leo (Markus Peterson), Macha (Angellie Sano) and Margaux (Adrianna So)

Review Summary

The chemistry between Aries and Norma's actors is undeniable and while Aries' actions are inappropriate, there is such a push to never mind that for what you see on screen.

Review Summary

Also, it should be noted, if you are sappy, sensitive, emotional, whichever word you prefer, this film will bring you to tears, despite how corny it sometimes gets.

Review Summary

However, when it comes to Margaux, who suddenly disappears, and doing absolutely nothing with the out Macha (beyond making it clear they aren't into Aries), the film isn't perfect.

Who Is this For?

"The Girl Allergic To Wi-Fi" is for those who love sappy movies, that are cute, PG, and teen-focused.

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