The Chi: Season 6/ Episode 6 “Boyz II Men”

Amari Allah

Review By

Shanrica Evans

Directed by

Whitney Beckwith, Jewel Coronel

September 8, 2023

Written By

Released (Showtime)


Douda continues to be a virus as he threatens Emmett's life and relationship, Shaad staying out of trouble, Bakari's life, and Victor remaining in government as the FBI begins investigating him.


Nina finds herself upset again by a child not consulting her about a major decision, and Dre’s relationship with her ex. Alongside this, a familiar face from Bakari’s past also makes a return.


Papa and Pastor Jackson butt heads over Kenya, and to guide his son, Pastor Jackson tries to use every last bit of influence, power and time he has left as a parent.

Review Summary

Nina's feelings, while often dramatic and exasperating, hit a bit this episode as you can see empty nest syndrome combine with questioning her position in her family's life.

Review Summary

With Bakari and Jemma having a mutual interest in a new character, there is a hope they'll compensate for the other new characters who have been lackluster thus far.

Review Summary

While it is the end of an era, in many ways, the moments, like Kevin's graduation speech, lack the type of oomph you'd expect from "The Chi."

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