The Baker (2023)

Amari Allah

Review By

Jonathan Sobol

Directed by

Paolo Mancini, Thomas Michael

July 28, 2023 Available Digitally

Written By

Released (Theatrically)


A man known as "The Baker" finds himself babysitting his estranged grandchild and fighting to save his son, who has gotten into trouble with a mob.

What Is “The Baker” Rated And Why?

“The Baker” is Rated R due to cursing, drinking, smoking, gun and close-quarters violence, and blood.

Noted  Characters and Cast

Peter (Joel David Moore) Delphi (Emma Ho) The Baker (Ron Perlman) Vic (Elias Koteas) The Merchant (Harvey Keitel)

Review Summary

"The Baker" has a wonderful combination of flinch-worthy action and watching Ron Perlman's character bond with the actress playing his granddaughter, Emma Ho.

Review Summary

However, beyond that relationship, the film doesn't give you any reason to get invested in whether Peter survives or anything besides the action scenes.

Who Is this For?

Those who love action movies that aren't overtly reliant on guns, and have people truly fighting one another, paired with a cute relationship between a child and caregiver.

"Logan" features a similar dynamic, but with the young lady paired with the aging action hero taking part more in the violence.