Sisters (2023)

Amari Allah

Review By

Jahmar Hill

Directed by

Jahmar Hill

August 3, 2023

Written By

Released (BET Plus)


Three cousins, raised by their grandmother as sisters, show there are no limits to their love, as they commit crimes to pay for their grandmother's cancer treatment.

What Is “Sisters” Rated And Why?

“Sisters” is Rated TV-14 due to cursing throughout, gun violence, and depiction of domestic violence.

Noted  Characters and Cast

Tara (K.D. Aubert), Tia (Lil Mama), Diamond (Ciera Angelia), Pat (Cocoa Brown), Trae (Jensen Atwood), and Kevin (Columbus Short).

Review Summary

While the performances are engaging, "Sisters" rushes through both its character development and setting up any of the means the ladies use to steal money.

Who Is this For?

For those who like simple heist films that don’t go into excessive detail and mainly are about the drama between people and the consequences of their actions.

"Set It Off" is a heist film in which, due to thankless, low paying jobs, and situations of dire circumstances, four women decide to rob a bank.