Ruined (2023)

Amari Allah

Review By

Tamara Bass

Directed by

Michelle Valentine

August 17, 2023

Written By

Released (BET Plus)


Landon and Liv for ten years have struggled to have a child. Enter Dr. Torres, who focuses on marriage counseling and appears like she wants to help, until the truth is revealed.

What Is “Ruined” Rated And Why?

“Ruined” is Rated TV-MA due to cursing, violence, like knife fights, scenes of masturbation, implied sex, and drinking.

Noted  Characters and Cast

Character members and cast include Landon (Chris Warren), Liv (Annie Ilonzeh), and Dr. Alexis Torres (Keri Hilson)

Review Summary

Unfortunately, Li and Landon don't make the most believable couple, but Alexis does compensate for what they lack thanks to how far Keri Hilson is allowed to go as Alexis.

Who Is this For?

If you enjoy thrillers where, by the end, there is a life or death fight with the villain already proving they are able and willing to kill, this is for you.

A mentally disturbed woman, think Glenn Close as Alex Forrest 'from "Fatal Attraction" seeks to break up the happy home of her sister.