Disquiet (2023)

Amari Allah

Review By

Michael Winnick

Directed by

Michael Winnick

February 10, 2023

Written By

Released (On Demand)

Noted Cast

Sam (Jonathan Rhys Meyers) Dr. Lily (Rachelle Goulding) Virgil (Garry Chalk) Carter (Trezzo Mahoro) Frank (Lochlyn Munro) Monica (Elyse Levesque) Sarah (Anita Brown)


After Sam ends up in a car accident, he finds himself in a strange hospital, resembling limbo, where he must fight to get out alive.

Content Rating

Cursing, graphic depiction of murder, brief nudity, unsettling imagery and depiction of open wounds.

Review Summary

“Disquiet” delivers the basics as it keeps you on your toes, leaves you wondering who may live, die, or is a friend or foe, and sends you off happy with a satisfying ending.

Who Is this For?

Those who enjoy watching a lead character fight for their life in a supernatural situation with no clear cut allies or foes.

"Angels of Death" is an anime also featuring a character fighting their way out of limbo, with many deadly obstacles in their way.