Deltopia (2023)

Austin Estrada

Review By

Michael Easterling and Jaala Ruffman

Directed by

Michael Easterling and Jaala Ruffman

August 29, 2023

Written By

Released (Video On Demand)


In their quest to get to the biggest college party ever, recent high school graduates, Hannah, Jack, Ellery and Bones also have side quests like getting Hannah and Jack laid.

What Is “Deltopia” Rated And Why?

“Deltopia” is rated R due to profanity, sexual content, and drug use.

Noted  Characters and Cast

Hannah (Luna Blaise) Jack (Charlie Gillespie) Ellery (Madison Pettis) and Bones (Hart Denton).

Review Summary

"Deltopia" may have great cinematography and dreamy lighting, but the plot, dialog, and stereotypical characters present the idea the writer/directors are out of touch.

Who Is this For?

Fans of "Euphoria" will find the aesthetic and content of "Deltopia" similar, and could enjoy the drug sequences and dance montages.

Alongside delivering expected laughs, “Joy Ride” is an emotional story about culture, identity, and how friends can reaffirm who you are.