Ali Wong: Live (2023)

Amari Allah

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Beacon Theater (New York, NY)


August 2, 2023

Sheng Wang

Performance Date

Opening Act

Summary (Sheng Wang)

A series of random thoughts, Wang goes from talking about aging, food, going camping, and other people's kids, giving you a series of vignettes.

Summary (Ali Wong)

Wong’s set isn’t about her ex-husband but rather a rosy depiction of life post-divorce. She checked all the boxes, and now she just wants her box ate.

"Ali Wong: Live" Content Advisory

There is cursing throughout, gesturing of sex acts, and a story about someone threatening suicide

Review Summary

Both comedians shine in their storytelling. Wang's is scattershot, but it allows you to find one thing to relate to in what can be seen as a mundane set compared to Wong's.

Review Summary

Wong knows her audience, you know her, so she is willing to be vulnerable, and filthy, and give you the highs and lows of famous and hot people giving her attention, to a recent suitor.

Review Summary

But, while comical, there is a need to ask whether the $90+ price tag is worth it when you know, in less than a year, a refined version of her set will be part of your Netflix package.

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