Zankyou no Terror (Terror in Resonance): Season 1/ Episode 10 "Helter Skelter" – Overview/ Review (with Spoilers)

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Five finally gets a face to face with Kokonoe after he turns himself in.

Review (with Spoilers)

With Kokonoe turning himself in, a very surprising move, it helps keep the series interesting. Especially since, after many episodes of her trying to get a moment alone with Kokonoe, Five finally gets what she seemingly wanted for nearly 8 years. Add in Shibazaki meeting with the man who ruined his career and a new bomb announcement, and you have quite a good episode.

Topic 1: A Day Out with Hisami – Hisami & Lisa

With Hisami betraying Kokonoe, it seems all he wants now are distractions. Something which Lisa isn’t too willing to provide for despite Kokonoe never liking her, perhaps she sees him feeling as she once did. Alone, unwanted, and perhaps a bit betrayed by life. So, despite her being safer with Hisami around than not, she tells him to go be with Kokonoe and he does.

Topic 2: The Reason Behind It All – Shibazaki

As Shibazaki continues to go through the various names associated with the Athena Plan, he meets in this episode the elder Mamiya, not the one who committed suicide, who ruined his career. But with Mr. Mamiya now old and frail, like most who were involved with the Athena Plan, there is no real coyness or even fear really. For, like the men Shibazaki met before him, Mamiya is strangely open about everything. Partly due to him believing nothing will come of a confession, but also I think with death being imminent, he cares not what the living may think of him after he is gone.

Leading to the explanation of why the Athena Plan was allowed to be: Pride and dignity. You see, after the bombing of Japan, which left Japan defeated and weakened, this stole the pride of its officials. Something Mamiya wanted to restore for with Japan unable to make physical weapons, he wanted to make superior minds which would allow Japan the most covert, and strongest, weapon known to man. However, with the Athena plan failing, it seems so did he and the hopes for Japan to a point. But, despite this failing, he notes how their ambition set a good foundation for Japan. Possibly referencing to their secretive pursuit of creating an atomic bomb. Which, assumingly, was being made just to say Japan had one more so than for use.

Topic 3: Together At Last! – Kokonoe and Five

Kokonoe turning himself into police is a rather shocking move and, though he hasn’t killed anyone, it is surprising, perhaps due to being an American, that no one tackles him down, assaults him, and he seems well protected. Though this seems partly due to Kokonoe coming off as more so a political terrorist than one which condones violence. After all, Kokonoe and Hisami seemingly didn’t set any of those bombs to injure people, but rather to be taken seriously.

Kokonoe’s background aside, with him surrendering comes many “Why” questions, such as: “Why did you turn yourself in?” “Why did you commit these crimes?” As well as, “Who are you?” All of which, seemingly, Kokonoe was going to answer at a press conference, or to Shibazaki. Though with Shibazaki on leave, that option isn’t available, so the press conference, of which many on the police force were skeptical on having, ends up being the event in which he reveals all.

Well, at least it was supposed to. You see Five, despite being hospitalized early in the episode, gets out of bed quickly upon hearing Kokonoe surrendered. For, as much as it seemed that she had a vendetta against him, she may not have. The reason I say this is because after killing some cops, causing multiple car accidents, and nearly killing Hisami, who was trying to rescue Kokonoe, she comes face to face with Kokonoe and doesn’t kill him. In fact, she thanks him for helping her survive, if not giving her a reason to. And while, out of context, it may sound like she was saying something twisted when she thanked him, honestly I don’t think that is the case. For remember, Kokonoe and Hisami escaped The Settlement because they were strong, and the reason they couldn’t save others was because they were weak. So, likely, while Five was still able to handle all the doctors’ drugs, she was probably the next to die until Hisami and Kokonoe caused the fire which allowed them to escape. Making it where, despite becoming an American asset, she was at least able to see adulthood.

Now, as for why she was playing games which could have made things worse for Kokonoe? Well, she was never able to best Kokonoe at his own game and she wanted to beat him. And, as of when they are reintroduced, his game is no longer chess but terrorism. So, she tried to beat him at that. However, between Shibazaki, Hisami, and then Lisa, she lost once more. Though, once again, it seems there truly were no hard feelings. For, after a quick kiss, and telling him to live for her, if not finish what he started, she commits suicide.

Leaving us with the final Sphinx announcement in which Kokonoe reveals there is an atomic bomb which shall go off. A bomb which currently is floating in the air and seemingly cannot be stopped. Though between Kokonoe and Hisami, as well as Shibazaki’s investigation leading to the members of the Rising Peace Academy exposed, maybe Japan might get a 2nd chance?

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