The Vigilante (2023)

Austin Estrada

Review By

Lee Whittaker

Directed by

Kara Myers and Lee Whittaker

September 8, 2023

Written By

Released (Tubi)


Jessica, a marine veteran, learns her little sister Aimee has been abducted and it is a race against time to rescue her before she is sold to the highest bidder.

What Is “The Vigilante” Rated And Why?

“The Vigilante” is Rated R due to violence, profanity, and disturbing subject material (child trafficking).

Noted  Characters and Cast

Jessica (Jet Jandreau), Aimee (Jamie M. Timmons), Dan (Eric Pierce) and Frank (Julien Cesario)

Review Summary

"The Vigilante" balances giving us a kick-ass lead, with someone who suffers from PTSD and panic attacks, which when combined, makes Jess more engaging than your average action hero.

Review Summary

However, with a lot happening and minimal explanation and disorienting action sequences, you may wish more was done to develop what and who is in "The Vigilante."

Who Is this For?

Fans of old-school action movies that aren't reliant on CGI, are rooted in what's happening in the world and love consistent action sequences.

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