The Ms. Pat Show:  S4 / E8 – Episode Recap & Review

Amari Allah

Review By

Mary Lou Belli

Directed by

Karynrose Bruyning & Avon Haughton


Written By

Released (BET Plus)


With everyone assuming Janelle got into Howard, she confides in Brandon that she didn't, as he reveals he plans to give a kidney to Lloyd.


Neither of their news is taken well, as Terry's sister Lisa has long pressured Janelle to continue the family's legacy of going to Howard.


As for Brandon, daring to do something for Lloyd leads to a negative response, with Ashley especially against it. But the will he or won't he ends when it is revealed Lloyd has died.

Review Summary

This episode really had tear-inducing performances, especially from Janelle and Brandon as their storylines came to a head.

Review Summary

While Brandon may not be as smart as Ashley and Janelle, we see that he tries and has long made progress from being a deadbeat living in his mom's basement.

Review Summary

Then, with Janelle, her conversation with her mom and Lisa was truly heartbreaking. But it also topped off a notable season in which she got the spotlight and showed range.

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