The Ms. Pat Show:  S4 / E6 – Episode Recap & Review

Amari Allah

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Directed by

Allison Bosma & Jon DeWalt


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Released (BET Plus)


As Janelle and Junebug age, they are both pushed to get jobs, which they do at a cupcake shop.


As they do that, and eventually learn the cupcake shop is a front for illegal activities, Denise rekindles something with her ex Kareem.


But all is not good between them, for in Kareem's recent book, he has revealed that he and Denise had a child together, and they gave it up. A secret Denise didn't want out there.

Review Summary

This episode's main highlight is a look at Denise's past, which, finally, isn't just through stories or a third party but via Denise.

Review Summary

With meeting Kareem, we don't just get an anecdote or joke that can quickly be swept under the rug, but an actual person who isn't connected to Ms. Pat.

Review Summary

But the biggest thing is the reveal that Denise has a child. In this season or the next, we may meet them, and from their questions and Denise's guilt, I expect Tami Roman to deliver something masterful.

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