The Ms. Pat Show:  S4 / E3 – Episode Recap & Review

Amari Allah

Review By

Mary Lou Belli

Directed by

Desia Gore


Written By

Released (BET Plus)


Trey'quan shows up at potentially the worst time since Janelle just learned she didn't get into Howard. But, luckily, he shows himself to be a decent guy and doesn't take advantage of her.


What started as a hair appointment for Denise's new client, Veronica, becomes a portal being opened for Mildred to appear and wreck havoc.


The main casualty is Janelle, who already emotional, gets into an argument with Pat that leads to, with Mildred egging her on, Ms. Pat smacking Janelle.

Review Summary

Generational trauma is clearly not something as simple as moving from where the trauma happened, or away from the person who caused it.

Review Summary

As shown by this episode, a lot of trauma that you think is dead and buried, can rise up like a weed and suck the life out of all you think has thrived despite your past and your family's.

Review Summary

And like Trayq'uan, things from your past will find the perfect time to show up and you can either handle it with grace like Janelle, or let your demons speak through you like Ms. Pat.

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