The Ms. Pat Show:  S4 / E2 – Episode Recap & Review

Amari Allah

Review By

Jordan E. Cooper

Directed by

Loy A. Webb


Written By

Released (BET Plus)


Denise falls for a local pastor, Pastor Jenkins, who Terry has a bad feeling about and with hearing damning rumors from a man named Chauncey, he wants to expose the Pastor.


With Alice wanting more support for baby Jordan, she goes to see Black Tanner and leaves Junebug alone for three days, only to reveal she is leaving him.


Ultimately, it is revealed Pastor Jenkins did try to kill his wife, Regina, but the check bounced, and Junebug apologizes to his mom for what he said.

Review Summary

Terry highlighting how addictive personalities can go from drugs or sex to people was a notable highlight considering the concept isn't often talked about.

Review Summary

But while we continue to get interesting developments or examples from Denise, the Alison and Junebug story ending abruptly was a disappointment.

Review Summary

Though, considering how he got cheated on and abandoned like Ashley, likely Denise in the past, and the trauma this may have caused, maybe something interesting may develop from this?

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