The Engineer (2023)

Austin Estrada

Review By

Danny A. Abeckaser

Directed by

Kosta Kondilopoulos

August 18, 2023

Written By

Released (Digital)


Set in the early 90s, as Israel and Palestine are trying to broker peace, a suicide bombing, targeting Israeli citizens leads to two agents, trying to find the engineer behind the killings.

What Is “The Engineer” Rated And Why?

“The Engineer” is Rated R due to its content including violence and also the use of profanity.

Noted  Characters and Cast

Etan is played by Emile Hirsch; Avi is played by Angel Bonanni; and The Engineer is played by Adam Haloon

Review Summary

With a fast pace, Emile Hirsch potentially being miscast, and a strange implentation of action and drama, "The Engineer" has a lot of curious decisions regarding its various choices.

Who Is this For?

People who are interested in Middle Eastern political thrillers or action events based on true stories (like “Zero Dark Thirty”) may enjoy “The Engineer.”

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