The Chosen One: Season 1

Amari Allah

Review By

Jorge Dorantes, Everardo Gou, Leopoldo Gout

Created By

August 16, 2023

Released (Netflix)


Marie, aka Sarah, is on the run with her son Jodie and currently hiding out in Mexico, where they have found friends and a sense of community.


But, as Jodie approaches his 13th birthday, things are changing within him, which pushes the idea there might be more to his story than Sarah has yet revealed.


Leading to Jodie’s discoveries of biblical proportions being frightening until his friends and community begin treating him like the second coming of Jesus.

Review Summary

Unfortunately, “The Chosen One” is the type of show that doesn’t get good until its final episode, where you are given a cliffhanger that makes it seem the show won’t truly start until season 2.

Review Summary

For with nearly all of Jodie’s friends having storylines that are quickly resolved or left unresolved, the hook they presented you easily fall off of.

Review Summary

Ultimately making “The Chosen One” a show that appears to not understand, second seasons are earned and by no means guaranteed.

Who Is this For?

Those who understand sometimes first seasons aren't about hitting a home run but proving you can hit the ball and get around the bases, before showing off what you can really do.