Ready To Love: Make A Move: Season 1/ Episode 12 “Making Moves”

Amari Allah

Review By

Luke Terbieten

Directed by


December 29, 2023

Written By

Released (OWN)


Things quickly wrap up with only Verneashia not choosing her keeper, and Ashlee deciding to keep Donald but slow roll them being in a relationship.


And no sooner than the choices are made, the reunion show starts with Zadia v. Shareese being the first conversation.


As you can imagine, Shareese has no love being in the hot seat, especially since she feels ganged up on repeatedly throughout the conversations of part 1 of the reunion.

Review Summary

You have to have empathy for Shareese. Yes, she champions being a lone wolf, but it seems she isn't often given the grace and consistency to be soft.

Review Summary

Which is why you are pushed to hope Maurice does right by her, because he seems to be able to bring a sense of calm to her life that seems not only needed but overdue.

Review Summary

With that said, while I hate to see Shareese ganged up on, the drama of her holding Zadia and the other ladies accountable was surely something to see.

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