Lisa Frankenstein

Amari Allah

Review By

Zelda Williams

Directed by

Diablo Cody

February 9, 2024

Written By

Released (In Theaters)


It’s 1989, and Lisa has just lost her mom. Her dad has remarried and has them move in with an awful woman with an overly friendly, cheerleading daughter.


But all isn’t terrible, for there is Michael, who may have a friend who will be an obstacle, but he is smart and everything Lisa could want, so what’s a little adversity?


Plus, with this guy who just suddenly came back from the dead, Lisa has the kind of support she needs to make all her dreams come true.

Review Summary

From Taffy to the animation that starts “Lisa Frankenstein,” there are many positive surprises throughout the movie.

Review Summary

That includes how funny it can be as it blends a Tim Burton style with something that feels like a twisted version of something John Hughes could imagine.

Review Summary

Leaving the only negative that some details regarding The Creature are missing, but nothing that truly makes the exclusion a blemish.

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