Honeytrap (2014)

Amari Allah

Review By

Rebecca Johnson

Directed by

Rebecca Johnson

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Noted  Characters and Cast

Layla (Jessica Sula), Shiree (Naomi Ryan), Shaun (Ntonga Mwanza), and Troy (Lucien Lavisount).


Layla and Shiree were separated ten years ago but reunite in Brixton where Shiree, naive to her detriment, falls in love quickly with the type of guy who leads to her downfall.

Review Summary

"Honeytrap" is the kind of movie that has potential as it explores the real-life murder of Shakilus Townsend, but it unfortunately is the type of film that struggles to carry weight.

Review Summary

Focusing on what Layla, the film's Samantha Joseph, was going through and not exploring deeply any of the themes introduced, while not outright exploiting a murder, it can feel like it.

Who Is this For?

Jessica Sula fans who want to see her first film after taking part in the legendary "Skins" could look beyond the flaws of "Honeytrap" and enjoy this.

"Love & Murder: Atlanta Playboy" is also a film which is based on a true story where it may not meet its potential, but can be entertaining.