Thank You For Your Service (2017)

Amari Allah

Review By

Jason Hall

Directed by

Jason Hall

October 27, 2017

Written By

Released (Theatrical)


What is focused on in “Thank You For Your Service is PTSD.” After watching comrades get shot, blown up, or burned to death, returning to civilian life is hard for our leads Adam, William, and Solo.

Noted  Characters and Cast

Adam (Miles Teller), William (Joe Cole), Solo (Beulah Koale), Doster’s Wife (Amy Schumer), Emory (Scott Haze) & Doster (Brad Beyer)

Review Topics

Highlight(s) The Performances  Criticism(s) The Story  On The Fence Lack of Significant Backstory

"One Day At A Time" focuses on a mother raising her children, with her mom, while dealing with the effects of PTSD and other ailments due to her military experience.