Fool Me Once - Season 1

Austin Estrada

Review By

Harlan Coben

Created By

Crime, Drama, Mystery & Thriller

January 1, 2024


Released (Netflix)


After the death of her husband, Maya finds her life thrown into chaos after it is discovered the same weapon that killed her husband did her sister.


This triggers an investigation suspicion amongst Maya's blood relations and in-laws, leading to many reveals and attempts to silence the truth.

Review Summary

Adeel Akhtar finds a way to sell even the most far-fetched storylines of the show, with a grounded performance that elicits immediate empathy.

Review Summary

While every plot detail or character motivation may not be executed well, there is no doubt each episode makes you unable to not want to see what happens next.

Review Summary

But while the multiple storylines together create various things to keep you entertained, sadly, they feel disjointed when you look at the season as a whole.

Review Summary

Ultimately creating a lot of forgettable mysteries that seem to rely on hitting you with twist after twist to keep you from dwelling on anything enough to criticize it.

Who Is this For?

Those who love mysteries with constant twists and turns that can deliver good fun and are willing to forgive the mystery veering towards becoming convoluted.