Five Points: Season 1 

Amari Allah

Review By

Adam Giaudrone

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Young Adult, Drama



Released (Facebook Watch)


Over the course of one week, a major event occurs and from the perspective of multiple characters, we see a 3D view of their lives and their influence over the event.

Noted  Characters and Cast

Natasha ‘Tosh’ (Madison Pettis), CJ (Ray Cham Jr.), Lexi (Hayley Kiyoko), Eric (Spence Moore II), Wallace (Nathaniel Potvin) Ananda (Daniela Nieves) and more

Review Summary

While sometimes jarring how the narrative switches between characters, there is no denying the writing and performances make it so you'll barely find that to be an issue in time.

Review Summary

Mainly due to how the narrative switch allows each character to be fully developed and show them trying to reconcile outside perspective to form who they see themselves as.

Review Summary

However, from how it handles Ananada's character to Alex's storyline, there are situations where you may feel "Five Points" takes a well-trodden road.

Who Is this For?

Those who enjoy young adult, high school based dramas, that focus more on the relatable issues of being a teenager than seek out "Euphoria" level excess.

"Genera+ion" also focuses on the challenges of being a teenager dealing with family and societal expectations.