Angel (2023 - Present) Show Overview

Amari Allah

Overview Created By

January 5, 2023

Yolanda Halley

Released (BET Plus)

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College friends reunite for a Juneteenth vacation and find themselves hunted by a serial killer who forces them to play a game to prove who is the Blackest among them.

Angel Alvarez (Efrangeliz Medina)

At 17, Angel has been through so much from abuse to bouncing from foster home to foster home. Like has been so hard that even remembering her birthday is hard.

Diamond (Michele ‘Siya’ Sherman)

Diamond, birthname Simone, is a local hustler who operates covertly and enjoys the company of women when she isn’t working.

Teresa Walker (Elise Neal)

Teresa is Angel's foster mother, who physically, sexually, mentally, and emotionally abuses her kids– while collecting a check under the guise of being a proper caretaker.

Monroe (Lana’ MC Lyte’ Moorer)

Monroe is a local cop who isn’t necessarily corrupt but will bend the rules if it suits her needs and can help solve a case.

Dutch (Malcolm David Kelley)

Dutch is a young and reckless young man who is a car thief.

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