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With 2017 over and just having a bit of a milestone, I think it is a good time to talk about what is coming up for this site in 2018.

The YouTube Page

Currently, my YouTube page is dry and only has some poorly filmed Queen Sugar talk from 2017’s Urban World festival. I hope to change that, sometime around the summer, with one to three consistent programs. Of which, should start around the time of the next giveaway.

The idea currently floating around right now are video reviews, especially for season or series reviews because, those can balloon to 5000+ word essays. A sort of quick news program, which may feature alternative, though probably bias, opinions on some topics. Lastly, there is this weird desire to do an advice program but I’m very iffy on that.


Being that I’m an ad-supported site, it means with every view, people clicking on ads, probably by accident, and just participating in Wherever I Look, I make some, as the kids say, “Coin.” With that in mind, currently, it is planned to have two giveaways via Amazon. As we did back during the Black Friday time period, we’ll have a giveaway of some amazon product. More than likely a few of them. Last year it was a few Fire Tablets, this year I’ll probably choose the Echo dot or maybe something a bit more fancy. It honestly depends on how well October goes since that Adsense payment will go toward the giveaway.

The second time will likely be sometime after E3 and the current plan is to do a giveaway on a game console. Now, considering how expensive those things are, they’ll probably only be one. However, with discounts and price drops happening around E3 (can you tell I’m waiting for things to be cheaper?), I might squeeze two consoles if I can afford it. More than likely though, if it is just one it’ll be PS4 and if two, then it will be two separate giveaways with one being a PS4 and the other a Nintendo Switch.

More Articles

At its heart, Wherever I Look is about recaps/ reviews (with spoilers). However, I wanna evolve a little bit. Hence the two, arguably three, articles inspired by Dave Chappelle: The Bird Revelation. Now, as for topics? I’m still sitting on the “Why Are Female Comics Judged More Harshly” one. Which I keep retooling the name and direction of. Mostly because, one of the major things I want to address or question really, is why there are so few major comedy specials? Also, why is it, unless they are bad, like The Leather Special, they don’t really generate conversation and buzz really? But, all that for a later time, but hopefully someday.

You Get a .Gif and You Get a .Gif

I’m really into .gif making now. Can you tell? It perhaps was one of the major goals of 2017 that got accomplished and I’m quite happy about that. However, I’m going to try to focus on .gifs that either work as good reactions or help an article pop. That is, versus just some random moment that tickled me but could just as well work as a screenshot.

Theme Change

Let’s be honest, I change my theme every 3-4 months, if not less. It’s a bad habit which I hope to stop participating in. Though I can foresee it happening again. Not to say this theme I don’t love but I’m going for a certain look and each theme brings me closer and closer to that.

Trying to Go International

Right now, pretty much the main things covered are American shows, Canadian shows which usually are co-produced by American companies (Anne and Alias Grace for example), and British programming. Also, of course, there is anime. I’m hoping, especially with this Netflix account, to explore more non-English, not necessarily western world programming, like Hotel Beau Sejour or 3% this year. Just to keep things fresh and to keep me from becoming jaded.

More Utilization of Social Media

To be completely honest, between laziness and fear, I don’t really use social media. However, if I’m going to get serious about this site, I have to participate in conversation outside of this site – you know what I mean. So I’ll be using my Twitter and Facebook more. Maybe figure out what to do with Instagram besides putting quotes on there. Which I don’t do as often as I should.


Thanks for all those who like, comment and share! Especially those who comment since, with IMDB being gone, and Reddit being a mixed bag since some shows have private groups for discussions, going back and forth with people like Sarah, Karandi, and others has really made my day and helped me, arguably, get better at noticing things worth noting. Alongside researching certain information like who is this person, what was that song, and it is part of the reason I’m getting more into the idea of doing more with the site and looking at it as, I guess a brand?

Stick around and see what happens.

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