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The “From the Archives” Project begins!

Currently, I’m working on adding the posts from WIL 1.0 to this blog. It should be noted that posts will be checked with Grammarly for errors, but outside of that they are maintaining their format(s) and content as they were posted. The reason being, while some perhaps are long winded, may not have the best grammar, or reflect how I write now, even with their notes usually in the document, the feelings the media gave me have mostly been lost. Making it hard to rewrite without having to nearly redo the whole document over again.

The goal is for this project to be done by January 1st, 2017. So, with that said, expect a huge amount of postings per day.

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New Jersey native Amari Sali takes the approach of more so being a media advisor than a critic to sort of fill in the gap left between casual fans of media and those who review productions for a living. Thus being open about bias while still giving enough insight, often with spoilers, to present whether something is worth seeing, buying, renting, streaming, or checking out at all. An avid writer, Amari hopes to eventually switch from talking about other people's productions to fully working on his own. Such a dream is in progress to becoming reality.

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