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Being that my last theme (Suite) seemingly wasn’t updated since 2013, it caused a lot of issues. On my side, it looked good. However, as I learned back when I was trying to just link pictures from my Google Photos account, 9/10 everything looks fine on my end. That is until I open the web page on my phone or in a Microsoft browser. Then everything looks dishelved or a bit weird.

So, with that in mind, I decided to finally move on from the Suite theme and find something new. Which I’ve been trying to do for weeks but I kept talking myself out of it. Either because there were no footers, I wanted to find a theme with two columns, since I always hated how one side bar leaves so much dead space, and etc.

I finally settled, which maybe the best word to describe how I currently feel, on the Author theme. It’s definitely not my ideal choice but provides me everything I’d want aesthetically and I think that is better than a bunch of bells and whistles. With that said, on mobile, I had to switch to desktop view for the mobile version wasn’t tickling me.


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