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As usual, I went down a rabbit hole of things to “spice up” the website and it led me to a few discoveries. That and I wanted to talk about some changes (all minor).

The Tables Are Coming!

So, using what I found here [External], at Sites For Profit, you’ll likely see tables implemented within posts. The reason for this is, especially when it comes to guest stars, premiere reviews, and movies, it makes people easier to find and makes things neet. In old reviews, like Captain America: Civil War you’ll see something to the effect of:

Characters Worth Noting

Actor 1 | Actor 2 | Actor 3

Which was fine at the time. But with mobile being the major method of getting hits for me, at least according to Google, it means people are a little too closely clumped together. And, like with adding the accessibility plugin [External] (which is a slight pain to set up but worth the trouble – in my opinion), I’m trying to make things easier not just for Google or people looking up things, but whoever is reading things here.

Tagging Is So Complicated

A slightly unrelated reason as to why I’m doing tables is because I’m going to modify how I tag characters in the future. Right now, I just do the name so if it is Jessica, you’ll see all Jessicas despite what show they are in. Now, though it’ll be a slight pain, but easier to deal with, it’ll be handled the way a show’s season is. So, starting with The Good Doctor, you should see “The Good Doctor: Claire” and things of that nature.

Which related to the whole table thing since, for series premieres, the table will be involved and for season reviews. That way, if you only want to read about episodes so-and-so was in, there you go. Easy peasy.

I may do this retroactively but, like with the “From The Archives” project, much less updating the Actor Master List, it is on the back burner.

News Feature Returning

A little Wherever I Look history, back when I was still on Blogger, mostly putting up poetry from my DeviantArt page, I did quotes as they came, if not a weekly basis. It got pushed though to being something monthly since I couldn’t come up with much. However, with being inspired by Karandi [External] (who I can swear inspired another feature on here, I just can’t remember what), who posts way much more than I do (at least when I don’t do Netflix marathons), I’m trying to commit to posting a weekly news roundup.

Like before, it will follow the usual Highlights, On The Fence, and Low Points (or Criticism) format. Nothing has really changed there. I’m just, as I prep for another request to be added to Google News, trying to make the article category not so light.

Getting Onto Google News

Speaking of Google News, I got rejected. Why? Well, because they couldn’t easily identify me. Hence why now, after every review, there is a little bio. But, with it being reported you can get major hits from Google News, after their long 60 day waiting period, we’ll try again.

For those interested in the process, click here [External].

Review Format Changes

Right now I’m experimenting with the idea of half-hour shows and shorts using the Movie review format. Mostly since, while I could write a good three topics worth of stuff, a lot of the time it isn’t necessary. For example, on the season finale of Raven’s Home, I could have dedicated a topic to the pizza shop hijinks. However, as noted in the About section, I’m not trying to list everything that happened. The idea is, though I do stray, is to not basically say every last thing that happened like I’m trying to quickly say what happens based on a stolen script. What is noted are things I believe matter for the sake of commentary.

Which is all to say, this is an experiment more so than set in stone.

About Adwords

Since I take this website seriously, to the point of actually spending money, I decided to try out Adwords. Something I keep reading mixed things about and I can kind of see why. On one hand, I never have seen so many hits go to my homepage but, at the same time, it isn’t giving me a monstrous amount of hits.

Well, depending on how you define monstrous. Just to give some insight, the thing I have for my “campaigns” are the movie master list, TV master list, and quote master list. My total daily budget is set to $5 a day and is split $1.75 for movies and TV and $1.50 for quotes. For yesterday, based on these numbers, I got 10,434 impressions of the ads and got 435 clicks. Which is in no way bad. In fact, the impressions and clicks nearly doubled from the week before.

It is just weird to me, as I’m sure you may understand, to be paying for ads when you can just rely on SEO, linking to other sites, and more. Much less, even with the very little I’m investing, to see numbers which you kind of think should be larger but don’t know if you only think that because you know nothing. I mean, I gotta admit, my naivete had me thinking that it would boost things to the point it would cover itself but it is just month one.

About Adsense & Ad Networks In General

One of the things I tried to do this month was seek out other ad networks. One of which was Infolinks but I don’t think I’ll be using them. If only because it really pushed me to understand what CPC (Cost Per click) CPM (Cost per thousand view – I don’t understand this acronym either), CTR (Click Through Rate), and RPM (Revenue per thousand) are. Which, I won’t pretend I have a firm grasp on.

All I know is, just be mindful and research. Adsense is pretty much the default and it is always a good idea, as a Jamaican once told me, to never just rely on one source of revenue. Technically, Amazon would be the second source but since you need them more than they need you, whether it is affiliate links or displaying their ads, you gotta work much harder than just AdSense showing whatever.

Which is all to say, I’m looking into two more ad networks and they are the kind which overlay ads on images. As for current ads, it seems whenever I play around with that it usually leads to a dramatic drop in how much I make a day so what you see, for now, is what is going to be.


Also, for greater transparency, if I link to something which is external, as seen above, I’ll put [External] next to the hyperlink. Also, I finally figured out how to get the colors to show.


I think the last thing to cover is that I’m planning to, starting around Thanksgiving and ending on the 20th of December, an Amazon Giveaway! It’ll be for a $100 VISA gift card and I’m hoping to do giveaways a bit more in 2018. I won’t say how often, may only be at the end of the year, but we’ll see.

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