Blog Update: Reorganizing and Trying New Things

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I haven’t done one of these in so long but it is a bit overdue.


So, I rearranged and modified a few of my review templates. The main new thing is the “Other Noteworthy Moments” section which came about because I’d have all these extra screenshots but they didn’t fit in with what was said. That or they were so minor that they didn’t fit with the larger storylines. Take for example Theon and Jon Snow reuniting in the latest episode of Game of Thrones. That was a noteworthy moment but in the grand scheme of things, it was a footnote.

Also, I brought back, after taking it off years ago, the Overall section for episodic reviews. This was done to try to curb myself since I’ve gone from aiming for a 1000 word limit up to 1500. If not present a sort of “tl;dr (too long, don’t read)” section. Which I wanted to name “The Gist” but minas well stick to old branding.

New Template

It is probably weird that the “This Month on Wherever I Look” has often been damn near the middle of the month. Well, that was because I never knew what to talk about, what was relevant, and often times winged it. However, now I have a template for that so it should happen earlier in the month.

The idea is, above the fold is what will be coming in the month and while for this month it is just links to trailers, commentary about why we should be excited will start next month. Below that will be a sort of overview of the big things, productions rated positive and new series started, the month before.

Video Game Walkthroughs

Though I hate the sound of my voice on record, I’m sort of stepping into the YouTuber arena with TellTale Games’ Batman Season 2: Enemy Within. Which is part of a larger plan in which I do video reviews to accompany my written ones. But I’m still working out how to do so. Such as, should I do voice only, get a webcam so you can see how theatrical I am… also, there is the question of whether to make it per post, a weekly thing, sort of like how it is done at or maybe have “This Month on Wherever I Look” be the video production.

I won’t say the bigger thing will be coming soon, but the written review of Batman is scheduled for today and I’ll be using my novice skills to slice up the video in a few days.

Things Needed To Be Done

I fully realize that when it comes to images, I really need to start changing the titles rather than taking the screen shot and keeping it moving.


What's Your Take?

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