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The about section I think has all the information a person could need, as well as the contact form and access to the full schedule of Wherever I Look 2.0.

Collected Quotes

The page has been updated so all the links should be working.


The Actors & Actress Master List is currently bare but will be updated with time. Unfortunately, the place where I was able to find a lot of cached versions of 1.0 didn’t have that page saved.

The TV Series Page now has all the channels which were covered in 1.0 and from now till April TV series from the archive will be added. Well, if I have a full season or a series/ season premiere. Otherwise, some maybe left bare a bit longer than desired.

Movies & Theater Productions I was thankfully able to recover so all recommendations are there, but unfortunately most don’t exist on this site as of this posting. Plus, the cache was from January so I’m unsure what may have been marked between February and August. So, a bit of digging has to be done. But, like with the TV Series page, expect it to be fully back to its old self in April

Video Games and Books have been recovered but, like the two above, are missing links since the posts haven’t been re-made yet.

The Works of Amari Sali

Like with the Media section, pretty much this is just a skeleton of what it used to be. Nothing is linked or posted, and I’m unsure where I should put most of them on the schedule. Perhaps Sundays will be the day. I’m still contemplating.


What's Your Take?

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New Jersey native Amari Sali takes the approach of more so being a media advisor than a critic to sort of fill in the gap left between casual fans of media and those who review productions for a living. Thus being open about bias while still giving enough insight, often with spoilers, to present whether something is worth seeing, buying, renting, streaming, or checking out at all. An avid writer, Amari hopes to eventually switch from talking about other people's productions to fully working on his own. Such a dream is in progress to becoming reality.

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