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Covering the implementation of multi-paged posts (mostly for From the Archive posts for now – may expand to other areas), among other things.

Page Breaks

As noted, I’m now an avid reader of Pro Movie Blogger and one of the recent things I discovered is that we can make page breaks. Which, I know, should be something obvious but I figured the “Read More” separator was enough. However, then I remembered when I was being lazy with the “From the Archives” project, I would just add 4+ episodes in one post and then publish. Also, there are quite a few reviews which push somewhere around 2000 words or more, especially season reviews. Of which, considering this is an ad based site, it makes no sense to keep that all on one page. Granted, I have it set where, after a certain amount of paragraphs there is an ad. However, I’m trying to think smarter here you know?

Hence why, at least for my screen, the side bar usually matches, or goes a little past, the end of most posts. So, to make a long explanation short, I’m definitely looking into doing more page breaks with posts and maybe even doing so with pages. With, of course, a note of what is on what page – an index if you will.

Tip: Shift + Alt + P is how you make a page break – no extra plugin necessary it seems.

So About That News Feature Idea

Yeah, I dropped that. Not because I couldn’t do it but more so because I didn’t enjoy it. Plus, as much media news as I read, it isn’t often I really just sit there, read, analyze, and am left with something to comment. As noted in the About Wherever I Look section, while this whole website was born from commenting on IMDB, back when they had message boards, I rarely commented on news stories. Well, I did on Huffington Post back in the day but there is a world of difference between talking about a movie, show, book, and what not, vs. things that actually affect your life. Never mind having to defend your personal beliefs vs. a production you didn’t invest more than spare time in.

But again, long explanation short, while still in pursuit of Google News being a source of views, I don’t think I’m going to pretend Wherever I Look is something it is not, which is a place to get the latest news stories.

Attempt To Increase The Amount of .Gifs Made

So, I bought this program called Action which allows for the recording of your desktop (even Netflix to my surprise) and with it I should be able to do more .gifs. For now, I just got to rewind, start recording, end it, and then do my usual Photoshop stuff. Making it so I’m hoping to do more than just Raven’s Home .gifs. However, since it is still a time-consuming process, I wouldn’t expect this for every last review.

What's Your Take?

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  1. I’ve been blogging longer more than most, and less than most. And even to this day, I learn something new. Sure read more have been used countlessly. I never actually thought of using the page break tag. And yup, you’re right it is a nifty little thing that gets overlooked. The same way that you convinced me to start using grammarly and word. I’ll look in to using more page breaks when I can.

    • Grammarly is such a god send really. I don’t think I would recommend the premium version though since, while useful, the price is just a bit too high. But so glad someone is getting something out of my trial and error.

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