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As noted in the first “Wherever I Look | Entertainment News Recap/ Review,”I have been checking out this website:

Of which has so many helpful pointers to the point I probably had a good, let’s say 15 or so tabs open. One of which mentioned IMDB’s newsdesk feature and another being Google News. Now, at the moment, when it comes to sharing this blog of mine, I’ve stuck to the basics. I share posts on Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr. However, I’ve also begun looking into Reddit and am mulling over at least posting the review parts on Amazon.

Especially since, about 2-5 times a month, I get asked to review someone’s product. The last thing being A Pain Less Ordinary.

Which I quite enjoy for there hasn’t been a production I didn’t outright dislike yet. I may not have been giddy and wanting to pull a Julie Andrews, in The Sound of Music, and scream joy, well, The Story of 90 Coins is an exception (also the last movie to be labeled Recommended). But in general, I have thoroughly enjoyed getting to see a lot of indie or pre-release stuff. Something I hope I get to continue.

Leading me back to the point: As most people, I’m sure, I’m trying to figure out ways to increase my hits by spending time rather than spending money. I’m checking out Google Adwords, but there is some apprehension to really invest in their program. So, after reading through Pro Movie Blogger, one of the things noted to be seen on Google News and IMDB Newsdesk (assuming they ever open it up for applications again), was to post news articles. Which I’m not that comfortable with because it forces me to give a more personal opinion that could open me up to saying something stupid. Though considering I get comments every now and then which are more so insults than criticism, what’s a few more?

So, currently, the idea is that Monday, Wednesdays, and Fridays (likely will get pushed to Saturday), there will be an aggregation of news relevant to this site. Meaning, you likely aren’t going to find anything political here. Also, pretty much the news noted is going to be relevant in terms of what maybe something reviewed at a later time or features actors, directors, or even writers, whose names fill up the tags.

The format isn’t going to be drastically different from what I do now. As shown with the first post, the homepage will feature a list of all that is mentioned in the full post. From there, things are broken down by what seems like it could be good (highlight), divisive (mixed), or worrisome (criticism). I’m really not trying to reinvent the wheel for I’ve been remaking templates and tweaking them for years. I think we’ve come to the point of believing it isn’t broke and there isn’t much to fix. Making it so, the only thing to really do is strip things away. Such as the monthly “This month on Wherever I Look” post which was always such a hassle to put together. That and doing season reviews. Well, at least putting them on the calendar for being that this is a one-person operation, and I got a day job, to really go over 6 – 20+ episodes and culminate an ultimate opinion is difficult. Especially since, after the finale, I am sort of left feeling I have said all that I can really say. All that is left is rehashing and if you’ve read all that came before that final episode, what’s new?

But, while I’m stepping away from two things (honestly I may do season reviews again, just when my life isn’t so busy), .gifs are definitely back in action. Well, at least when it comes to Raven’s Home.

I plan to do more but, as shown thus far, mostly I like making reaction .gifs. Plus, to be honest, be it Screen To Gif or Photoshop, the process is longer than I remember. It’s still fun to share and see get used and reblogged, but god it is amazing how much work it can take to make a couple of seconds into a .gif that actually works. Much less works no matter where you use it.

Thank you for reading perhaps the longest Blog Update yet. Though I don’t think a lot of people read these, the idea here is just to explain a change, maybe provide some insight into things to come, and not make this site a one-way conversation.

Reminding me, I’m still hoping to make use of my YouTube channel, but I’m not sure doing what right now. I would love to do some “Let’s Play” type of stuff with the TellTale Games productions, and maybe have it where the Saturday news aggregation is me actually talking vs. you reading. Those things, alongside video reviews, are currently being thought about. I can’t give an ETA when it may officially start though. I need to research good cameras and microphones.

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