Seeking Writers

At Wherever I Look, we like to consider ourselves a community and we’d like to expand that community with volunteer contributors.

Article Lengths

As shown, we follow a template with all postings and we’ll provide it to you to stay on brand. Also, when it comes to length, at minimum we’d like to see 300 words. Our max is for episodes and movies is around 1500. For reviews of a season, 2500 to 3000.

What We’re Currently Looking For

  • Film Coverage

From indie, wide release, and video on demand releases, writers on this beat will cover the latest releases with the expectation of providing coverage within three days of release.

  • Traditional TV Coverage

Whether you like reality tv or scripted shows, we’re looking for those passionate about network, cable, and premium (HBO, Showtime, Starz, etc) stations to talk about their favorite shows. The deadline is within 48 hours of release, 24 hours preferred.

  • Streaming TV Coverage

Those who have a strong love for Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, and other online networks, this is for you. You’ll be asked to cover the latest shows AND movies, especially bingeable productions.

  • News & Reaction Coverage

From industry news, reactions, lists, and opinion pieces, we’re looking for those with a nose for the latest information about popular media and who have a strong opinion about all things entertainment.

  • Book Coverage

There are so many books out there. From books which reach the New York Times List to new writers looking for some feedback. If you consider yourself a book worm, we’d love to have you.