Daydreaming of You

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Sleeping is impossible without you near. I feel like a toddler without their teddy bear and favorite blanket. Without a good night kiss from you how can my mind be at ease? Without you saying “I love you” I feel as if, as your man, I’m not saying what you want or maybe need to hear. I’ll say it 1000 times “I love you my dear.”

Though I joke around, and I will admit I’m frisky, it’s hard to simply show my love with nice writing. But over flow it does in words and actions that I plan and wait for you to see & when I see that smile on your face I tremble in the knees. Dare I say, I still got a crush on you. I still get butterflies in my stomach and my heart races like I’m running a marathon. I don’t know what you see in me but damn girl you still got it. I’ll not speak on your body for this paper would end up drenched in drool & sweat, but something about your mind makes it so it only takes a few words to get me wet (do men get wet?).

I think of your smile likes it’s the best childhood memory and think of holding your hand when times get rough for without a single word I can feel your love and know that I am wanted and maybe even needed by you. The look in your eyes so sincere and expression so beautiful I could cry at night but darkness can’t shade your burning light. Speak words to me on the phone about your day, what you want for dinner and how many minutes until you’ll be home.

Damn if I care if someone calls me obsessed. I found the best thing out there that can’t be compared to the rest.

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