Our Promise

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Sweet love of mine, dear to my heart and the sun that signals my soul to rise during the times where gray clouds dominate the sky and snow litters the fields of my mind.

With your love, our rose bed has come into fruition and stripped of thorns we can dance amongst the fragrance into the summer’s heat with petals swaying about us. And when the sun sets and darkness spreads its hand over my eyes, I’ll awaken once more when you part his fingers and illuminate the way to fall.

In autumn, words like leaves tumble out of my heart and drift from my fingertips and land onto paper expressing the wonders in living in your protective shade. Like a strong oak tree, your shade is brown and roots and trunk provide stability for an ever-changing atmosphere. Though often silent, your presence is protective and nurturing and I stare often in awe. 

Then and at last winter comes. We find ourselves dancing once more and leave our mark everywhere. Snow angels on the ground with our names written in large hearts in every field we pass. Then on Christmas Eve drinking hot chocolate with marshmallows looking in each other’s eyes and smiling more brightly than the most animated elf imaginable. 

And then, it begins again in New Years. We seal a promise in a midnight kiss: In the spring, I shall be your rose and you my sunshine; In the summer, you shall be the cool breeze while I’m the shade; During the fall, I am the protective squirrel protecting the place where I store my greatest asset, my heart; And lastly in the winter, once more we will be each other’s present, lasting more than a season and never to be replaced by a new model, for there is only one of me and one of you and despite the seasons changing and years gone by, we always have faith that this one thing is true: our love is everlasting.

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