Maiden of the Blue Moon

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A story from 2010, possibly earlier, which I do believe was my first attempt at a short story.

I walk into the forest, searching for the fair maiden I’ve always seen amongst the woods. She was everything I have ever dreamed. She had beautiful skin, just a shade or two lighter than a fallen leaf, an innocent voice of a child but the mind full of life.

I first saw her she was dancing on the lake water with a swan. I hid behind the tree as I would many times after. Almost every day she would be there spinning on her bare toes graceful and elegant. I guessed she was a nymph or something, if not a goddess.

On this day though she wasn’t dancing, instead she was walking around as if we’re playing hide and seek and she was it. She came toward the tree and I ran for a bush and I think she heard me… for she came closer, soon she was less than 2 feet away from me. I didn’t know whether to stay hidden or run. To risk what could be…

I stayed there and watched her as I starred unfortunately; I accidently farted luckily with little smell! But still, a fart is a fart. She found me in the bush, gross and with mud in my hair. I stand before her looking like a peasant in my ripped jeans, t-shirt and my big shoes.  I stood before her looking like a peasant in my ripped jeans, t-shirt, and my big shoes. She smiled at me and touched my face. Her eyes, there was something about them. I touched her hand it was soft and smooth probably like how an angel feels like.

We must have starred at each other for an hour; every now and then I would look down or something. Not that I was trying to look at her… stuff or anything! It’s just… well I don’t know so anyway after the hour she guided me to the lake and introduced me to her swan. She told me “her [swan’s] name was Kylie and she is 2 years old.” Her voice was so gentle; I mean I literally was just a “duh” for like a minute. She stood up and asked my name and I told it to her.

She loved it… which was interesting in some way. I asked her and once I heard it, I thought back to this dream I had a couple of months ago but I snapped out of it, since it would be preposterous for that to be her.

Anyway while I was day dreaming she guided me onto the lake. Magically I was walking on water, not surprised since I had a very light feeling… Not like I was in the clouds or something.

Anyway, while we were walking she splashed me! And I splashed back and soon enough we got in a water fight. I stomped my foot down and a huge wave bigger than her, hit her. She was dripping wet and I apologized… she smiled and said “it was okay” and like a dog she shook and dried off a little. She then told me I had feet like a kangaroo. I laughed and fell on my behind and landed in the water below. She cracked up, she laughed so hard I thought she might choke. I got up and was back on top of the stream, in the distance there was a horn and she told me she had to go home so as she walked through the seemingly pitched black woods, I waved and went home too.

Now here I am waiting for her, dipping my toes in the cold water. While I waited I watched the tadpoles swim around my feet and look at me. I decided to take a swim, so I threw my shirt aside (BIG MISTAKE) anyway, I walk back and belly flopped into the lake, it stinged so damn bad… Now I got a small keg for a stomach so best believe my belly was red all day.

As I went deeper into the lake I accidently hit her swan Kylie [Note]This was written in 2010 so don’t make that association[/note]. The swan was furious and I tried to calm it down but it only made it more angry. In the distance there was singing, it was faint though… and was barely heard due to the crazed swan… The singing grew louder and louder and the forest seemed to glow.

As I popped out the water I bumped her head and she rubbed it for some time. When she looked up she embraced me… she was so warm… I got the oddest feeling like I was an actual kid and she was too it was very…  I guess obscure. Anyway we walked through the forest hand in hand, talking about every possible though that comes to our minds. I started to feel like I knew her forever like a childhood friend… Somehow I gained the courage and maybe audacity to ask her out.

She gave me that gentle wondrous look which made me melt and then to my surprise she kissed me. I thought I would have a heart attack, I mean literally croak, die, kick the bucket, or ride old rusty to the final prairie. I was sent to heaven and when she pulled back, I dropped back to Earth… maybe that’s why some people say after their first kiss they are woozie.

Anyway, I had a out of my mind look (not explainable) so she shook me. I came out of it and asked if that was a yes? She giggled, look toward the ground, and nodded her head. I never thought I could have never been so happy in my life. So I asked her what her name was again and as soon as her lips parted… I woke up.

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