Announcement: The Start of “Getting Ignorant With It”

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Together with comedienne Shonda Nicole, we have begun the podcast aptly named: “Getting Ignorant With It.”

Born from a mutual love of OWN shows, film going, and so much more, we have begun doing a bi-weekly podcast. It will feature our take on different programs like David Makes Man, as well as various films, like Hustlers which we talk about in the premiere episode.

We hope you’ll join us on this new venture and subscribe. Our website is: and we’re currently on Soundcloud with other platforms pending.

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New Jersey native Amari Allah has been writing reviews, in a "Media Advisor" capacity since 2011 and has been touching upon television, movies, books, live performances, video games, and more ever since. Using a fusion of his varied knowledge of entertainment, partly gained from being a Communications major in college, his love for visual and written media, as well an ever-evolving respect for both creators and the consumers they sell to.