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Response Article: Why Thirteen Reasons Why Doesn’t Romanticize Suicide (Contains Spoilers)

You know, when anything is a hit people feel the need to jump on it...
Title Card - Killer Unicornvideo

Coming Soon: Killer Unicorn (2018)

A new serial killer is born and this one wasn't created thanks to a bunch of teens, but due to a handful of drag queens.

What I Learned Switching Hosting Providers

So for the third time in, three years (maybe two), I switched hosting providers. Let’s...
Quinta vs. Everything .gif

In Reaction To: The Academy Adding “Outstanding Achievement in Popular Film” Category to the Oscars

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences Board of Governors have decided to add a new category...
Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker - Movie Poster

Star Wars Episode IX: Trailer Review, & What’s Next

Rather than just giving an opinionated response to the trailer then (really it was a fairly standard Star Wars trailer), we thought we’d break it down objectively and discuss the biggest question: Now what?
Logo for Everybody Digital.

Everybody Digital – Recap/ Review

Everybody Digital, as a platform, has promise, but it is missing a handful of bells...
Promotional image for Lynn Whitfield on The Breakfast Club.

Lynn Whitfield Hints That She Is Meeting With DC Comics – What Role Could She Be Up For?

Subject Lynn Whitfield Category Entertainment Type of News Casting Speculation Summary The legendary Lynn Whitfield was on The Breakfast Club to speak...
Andi saying "You think it's cute, but it's not cute."

Teachable Moments From Andi Mack: Teen Relationships

It has been a week since the 2nd season finale, so let us look back...
Kidy Fury dancing.

Kid Fury Announces Fall/Winter Stand-up Tour

Fans of The Read, or Kid Fury specifically, have something to look forward to as...
Viola Davis being interviewed

Why “Being The Black Meryl Streep” Means Nothing For Viola Davis’ Pay Disparity Yes, she has won an Oscar, has an Emmy, and has two Tony awards. However,...
Title card for the Netflix show Elite.

Meet The Characters of Netflix’s Elite

The Following is a list of cast and characters from the Netflix program Elite and...
Title Card - Dear White People - Alternative World

Questions Left Unanswered After Netflix’s Dear White People Season 3 aka Volume III Finale

After watching Dear White People's season 3 (Volume III) finale, there are some things we're left to question. Here are a handful of things which need answers.
Cyrus resting his head on Buffy's shoulder as they look at Jonah jealous and Andi dancing with a boy.

Highlights from BUILD Interview with Andi Mack Cast

In a BUILD video published on 2/21/2018, the cast of Andi Mack, specifically Peyton Lee,...
Gary's angel drawings.

Were Angels The “Villains” of Bird Box?

Making a case that in the Netflix film Bird Box the “villains” of the film are actually some form of angels.
Title Card - His, Hers, & The Truthvideo

Coming Soon: His, Hers, & The Truth – Trailer Reaction

UMC (Urban Movie Channel) announces acquisition of Coke Daniels’ His, Hers and The Truth with a December release date on the service.