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All The Ugly and Wonderful Things (Chapter by Chapter Review)
Gayle Forman Where She Went
Iyanla Vanzant Peace From Broken Pieces
Janet Mock Redefining Realness
Thirteen Reasons Why


Positive (Buy)

This is the type of book that affects you and you may very well read more than once in your lifetime.

Mixed (Borrow)

The book is worth spending some time with. It may not be the best thing you may ever read, but for those who like to read it is something to put on your reading list.

Negative (Avoid)

Honestly, expect this rating rarely for if I don’t finish the book I’m unlikely to rate it. However, if I do somehow finish it and you see this rating, know it likely took me months, if not more than a year to finish the book. Meaning you may have a problem sticking with it faithfully.

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