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As can be seen in the latest review for “The Accountant,” the format has changed. The main thing that has changed is I brought back something from when I was regularly reviewing Switched at Birth, which sooner or later one season will be posted on here. Back in the day, when I was doing play by play spoilers, I would focus on one character at a time and broke down what happened to them. This new format is inspired by that and the former heading of “Characters To Note.”

So, with the new format, I’m reverting to the headline “Characters & Story” which may likely change to “Characters & Their Stories” and it will reflect on each bullet a main character and a quick one paragraph summary of their storyline, including the characters who support it.

The reason behind this change is, as always, I to try to cut down on the unnecessary spoilers when possible to stay under 1000 words and to make things easier on myself. That way, maybe one day I can up the number of new posts I do in a week.

Also, you may find that now the “Highlights,” “Low Points,” and “On The Fence” section use bullet points as well. The idea there is, like with TV Reviews, there will be a topic, and then one – three paragraphs discussing the topic. Also like the TV reviews, I’m limiting the topics to three.

Expect this change to last for a little bit and to reflect across future posts no matter which media it is. I’m quite digging this, as of now.

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