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Category: The Works of Amari Sali

Birthday Card (SB)

There are very few people blessed in this world. Some are blessed with immense beauty, but only to compensate for a lacking personality. Then there are those who can make anyone laugh with the slightest gesture, phrase or movement but they have to because they’re ugly. This balance was thrown off with your birth twenty years ago.

In every room, there is usually one person that livens up the place and makes something conceivably unbearable into what for some would be the highlight of their day. Not to inflate your ego, but it is after all your birthday: A beauty and confidence only matched by Lucifer, yet any inclination of evil is only perceived by those who envy you. Their hatred burns yet they find themselves growing attached to you; A gift and a curse given to you by the angels.

And now with twenty years of frustrations, accomplishments, and a long road ahead, remember what you were born with. Unlike many, you were given the beauty to allure, the personality to capture and most importantly the ability to create a following. You were ordained to be great and the world expects nothing less. So know this: as the sun rises on November 10th, it is not due to the revolving earth, but the sun wishing to see the only one who possesses more energy and power than itself. Then as the day begins to wane the moon shall rise and with a sullen look admire you as it puts the world to sleep. And as you close your eyes it will kiss your forehead letting you know even in your darkest of moments that you are loved and admired.

So (Omitted), as the stars, the moon and most of the world would say if they were able to:

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Birthday Card (Father)

The strength of a man is not measured by his muscle mass. Nor is the success of a man measured by how well off his finances are.

The strength, success, and worth of a man is measured by what he has done for himself and others that have come and go in his life.

From teaching & mentoring young men and women on the path to adulthood & giving all the energy you possess to keep them from becoming another stereotype or statistic.

To fathering three young men using every bit of experience and heart… I cannot say enough how much of an honor it is to have your blood coursing through my veins and just too simply know you.

So from my mind, heart, soul and everything that makes me my own unique entity on this earth; Have an immaculate birthday.

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