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Birthday Card (WA)

Birthday Card (WA)

Oh what a touch you have on the lives you meet. Joyous smile, infectious laugh, the only sadness your being brings is the realization you have not existed in their life till now.


When hair sprouts from your head, it is not biological, but your spirit emanating out for it can’t be contained in your body. The smile is not just from joy, but knowing something the world has yet to understand, but with each baby step in the right direction you see within your pupils, that glorious smile appears once again.


Half a century has gone by, but no age shows on your still youthful eyes.


Hugs and kisses when given make the most arrogant atheist even for a moment question their beliefs and change their arrogant or perhaps ignorant opinion into something weak.


The position you hold and the lives you touch, it’s far from over I can say this much. For so much energy and love which sprouts from you like fresh lava and ash block out not the sun, but in a way the past.


Your introduction is a reintroduction to what good people are. Though some may dare say otherwise, you are the epitome of women if not man as a species.


Though I was only around you for a little less than a year, my mind remembers vividly almost all occasions and for me it creates a reason to smile. Not only because you have the power to restore a person’s faith in humanity, but a distant hope that perhaps that maybe you weren’t one of a kind, just the first.


So as the sun kisses your forehead and the moon and stars light your way home, know that though they reserve a place for you in the sky, you still have many lanterns in people’s lives to light and I thank you for putting back the fire I almost lost in mine.


Happy Birthday!

Birthday Card (RO)

There is a gift in knowing you for you break the mundane office space away from working like a machine. You act as a siren waking up the ghostly figures and without your energy everything seems like horror movie with a zombie in each cubicle. Be careful and not to make too much of a sound or everyone will get you!

And though I haven’t known you long, it seems just your presence can bring a smile to people’s faces. Be it because you dare to be different or just something in you which can’t be explained. It is quite the pleasure to know you, and I’m sure many feel the same.

Oh, and how lucky the world is that you are not alone and you have left the world with future generations who surely have the characteristics of you. For it would be sad if you were the last of your kind, and others in the future didn’t get some of the magic that we lucky enough to get the original got to see.

So, here is to many years of you continuing to spread your warmth and joy, for it truly is something which I find necessary to get through the day.


Birthday Card (CMG – 2015)

Birthday Card (CMG - 2015)

A name such as *Redacted* is often generic and given solely due to it sounding pretty, but for you it seems the perfect fit. For, like an actual *Redacted*, you are unique in ways which make you a sight to see; something worth so much people want to protect it for all their life; and surely, like a *Redacted* or diamond, something they hold near for you symbolize some of the best things in the world. Whether it is a promise to god, a promise to another person, or even a promise to yourself, there is something in your being which instills hope in all who meet you, and I’m sure it can be mutually agreed.

For with all you have been through, survived, and yet continue to flourish, you are like a *Redacted* which may have been dropped, dirtied, or mistreated, and yet still there is a shine.

So on this day Ms. *Redacted*, do hear one person’s prayer, continue to reflect and refract light and help make people’s usually dull black and white life into Technicolor. For, while it may not be your sole purpose in this world, it surely seems to be something you are good at.

Happy Birthday

Birthday Card (SGS – 2014)

Birthday Card (SGS - 2014)

You are an accomplished 25, going on 26, year old who has participated in various media projects in which you didn’t have to beg and plead, but were asked, or showed you had the skills that they needed.

You have a sister who you may occasionally fight with, but you are her rock and surely her inspiration. And while she may not always take your advice at face value, she still asks for it because it is valuable to her. Even if she may not say so as often as you like.

Your boyfriend is perhaps one of the sweetest people anyone can know. And while you likely do fight, it all ends with love. He assisted you when you needed him, find a place in his heart for you, as did his family, and the reason you are all you are is because of these 26 years

For, without them, you couldn’t be this person so many look up to, rely on, and love.


Birthday Card (CMG)

Birthday Card (CMG)

As the sun rises and kisses your skin and the moon waits for its turn during the night, here is hoping for you a year of bliss, and many accomplishments getting checked off left and right. For while I can’t say I know you well, at the very least I can see you are deserving of all you work and hope for. I don’t know too many people who juggle tasks like you do and yet maintain a rather sweet demeanor. Even if it is just to be polite.

So I hope as the heavens allow another day to be seen, they find it in their hearts to bless you with all you deserve and more. For whatever it is, I’m sure you earned it.

From an old acquaintance: Happy Birthday!