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In this category, you’ll find any and all blog updates. Of which, their focus are primarily important changes or notices. Examples include: new features, a new theme, and things of that nature.

Blog Update: The Learning Curve

The Photo Issue

In order to save resources, taken by photos, I have been using my Google Photos account. I figured I could link pictures from there and thus save hosting storage space. But, here is the thing, I didn’t know I had to add them to shared folders first. So, previously, I was under the impression everyone could see them. Now though, I know better and images should appear consistently from here on.

Ad Changes

Also, rather than just link my Amazon association links to media I enjoyed, within the main image, I put in an ad. Now, I’ll still link to specific pages, like I do for Andi Mack and Greenleaf, but now there will be an affiliate link ad for other items. Of which, if you make a purchase, I get a commission 1


Lastly, I’m officially a LAMB 2 and that is why I have a new icon on my main sidebar. To make a long story short, I saw someone I know get a LAMMY, their award, and got curious. I looked into their site, asked to join, and months later it became official. Hence the icon.

Blog Update: Birthday Card Message Flush

For the next few days, if not a week or two, I’m posting the Birthday Card Messages I have stored away. It, at the very least, will be one a day, but I may do more since I really want to make some real progress on this part of the “From the Archives” project.

Blog Update: From The Archives Project Lives – Again

I have a serious love/hate relationship with this project. I think I’ve quit it 2-3 times at this point and yet I keep going back and, as it is planned now, I likely won’t be done until December. But, this time around, I’m lumping 2-4 episodes together into one post and giving myself 1-2 weeks per season. The hope is, with so much time to do the episode batches, I won’t get overworked/ stressed and will actually complete this project once and for all.

With that said, I’m avoiding incomplete seasons or seasons where I started reviewing in the middle of the show and I have no plans to cover new episodes.

The project’s official restart begins in April. To see what will be added, check the calendar.