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In this category, you’ll find any and all blog updates. Of which, their focus are primarily important changes or notices. Examples include: new features, a new theme, and things of that nature.

This Month on Wherever I Look – July 2017

Looking Back At June

  • Numbers wise we are still living in a very post Thirteen Reasons Why boom era. However, new things are moving their way up the top 10 lists.
  • For a moment there was this vibe, as I posted my collection of .gifs to maybe make that a thing again. It is still being considered but just like it isn’t always that easy to find a quote which really says something, there isn’t a huge amount of moments which make me want to take the time to make a .gif. Which can be a very simple process, but a real pain if I don’t want some company’s tag or something like that.
  • I decided to buy a Yoast SEO Premium key and it wiped out all of my meta descriptions. Which, I mentally just can’t bring myself to re-write for the reviews. I’ll probably, eventually, do so for pages and quote posts, but not for every single last review. I’m barely keeping up with the “From the Archives” posts as is.
  • I finally gave in and started to just have images hosted on the server. I tried the Google Photos work around and I still was having issues. So, I’ll just bite the bullet. It isn’t like unlimited space on my web host’s server isn’t only a few more dollars a month. Assuming I ever need it.

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This Month On Wherever I Look – June 2017

This Month on Wherever I Look - June 2017 image

Recap of May

After the hype of Thirteen Reason Why died down, there was a bit of a nose dive in terms of views. Not a significant one, but still noticeable.

But that can be contributed to the fact I skipped covering Sense8 as well as House of Cards. Instead opting for more movies and specials. Which, while they got a short pop for a few days, none really had much longevity.

So, with the past behind us, let’s look toward the future. Here is what is currently planned to come This Month on Wherever I Look – June 2017.

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Blog Update: The Learning Curve

The Photo Issue

In order to save resources, taken by photos, I have been using my Google Photos account. I figured I could link pictures from there and thus save hosting storage space. But, here is the thing, I didn’t know I had to add them to shared folders first. So, previously, I was under the impression everyone could see them. Now though, I know better and images should appear consistently from here on.

Ad Changes

Also, rather than just link my Amazon association links to media I enjoyed, within the main image, I put in an ad. Now, I’ll still link to specific pages, like I do for Andi Mack and Greenleaf, but now there will be an affiliate link ad for other items. Of which, if you make a purchase, I get a commission 1


Lastly, I’m officially a LAMB 2 and that is why I have a new icon on my main sidebar. To make a long story short, I saw someone I know get a LAMMY, their award, and got curious. I looked into their site, asked to join, and months later it became official. Hence the icon.

Blog Update: Birthday Card Message Flush

For the next few days, if not a week or two, I’m posting the Birthday Card Messages I have stored away. It, at the very least, will be one a day, but I may do more since I really want to make some real progress on this part of the “From the Archives” project.