Blog Update(s): Less Spoiler-Based Format Maybe?

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With being called the C word who posts all the spoilers on IMDB, it has me thinking of how can I dial it back. As noted in the “About” section, the goal for spoilers is really just grounding to stand on for the commentary. Though, a part of me does feel that perhaps I should just stick to posting external links to kind of avoid that problem. Since, unfortunately, all IMDB does for people who write spoilers like me is put a one or two line warning about the spoiler. Which kind of sucks in a way. Especially since they do let you post on their boards with a [Spoiler] hide thing. Something I don’t believe is available for reviews.

So, with that said, I’ve been debating on doing a poll for about this whole week on what to do. Currently this is what I’m thinking about and I may either make a poll or just decide on my own. Comments are always helpful though.

  1. Limit Myself: Sometimes the summaries end up being 2+ paragraphs. To make things less spoiler-ific, I was thinking maybe either limit myself to the topic and maybe just do more than three or perhaps limit myself to a sentence or one paragraph.
  2. Just use the Movie Review format for TV shows: I think it helps in terms of just putting the overall plot out there, but likely this will mean Things to Note and the comments expanding. Possibly just meaning the spoilers will be less, but pretty require more explaining.
  3. Only Post External Links on IMDB: Honestly, out of all the messages I ever got on my blog or IMDB, only a few have been directly negative. I got some really nice compliments and a few times had discussions which were cool. Once or twice I even was able to get access to a movie for free and I was posting, for a short while, for this website called Media Pick before it became Telly Binge. So, as much as I want to cut down at the same time I question if maybe I’m letting one comment, which wasn’t even constructive, get to my head a bit too much. After all, here I make use of the whole “Read More” tag to warn of spoilers, and I put it in the title. Perhaps that maybe the best way.

With all that said, I do care about comments since it is the only way to improve but there isn’t much to really guide a person with saying I post too many spoilers and am a C word for doing so. Also, at the same time, I feel like in this day and age, what I’m posting for spoilers isn’t anything. That is compared to all the memes and articles which will give you spoilers in the headline. With me, I may hint to something in the overview or topics, though I may say something along the lines to “Answer to this question here,” but there isn’t any “Jane dies this episode” type of stuff. At least, I don’t recall typing something like that as of late. But, who knows, maybe I have a selective memory.

Either way, when it comes to TV shows, which honestly are the main focus of this format shift, perhaps expect some test formats in the future or maybe old ones revised. I like the idea of doing it by character again.

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