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So with the holidays approaching, I’m planning to speed up getting this project done. Originally it was going to be just 7 posts a day and that is it, but I think the new aim is going to be trying to make it so there maybe at most 1 an hour. Which isn’t to say that from now on that there will be a posting every hour. It is just with the extra time that I’ll have I’m really trying to get this done.

With that said, the goal, as always, is to do maintenance on the weekend when it comes to updating the pages and categories. I can’t say this will be done religiously, but I’m not going to create a huge backlog of work for myself. These features, like a movie master list and actor master list, were just started earlier this year so the benefit of starting a new blog is that I’m starting from scratch but at the very least the kinks and idea has been worked out.

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